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Birthdate:Sep 6
Name: Stephanie Shaw (born Isabella Estephanie Lorca)
Canon?: No (though her father is a canon character, possibly her mother too)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5’7
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, worn long.

Physical Appearance: Stephanie has a athletic but slightly curvy build with fair, clear skin (though she tans well in sunlight) and impeccable posture. Outside of her duties, she can normally be found wearing custom-made designer clothes as befits her actual and perceived station in the Mutant Nation. Her eyes take on a little bit of a perverse light when she is caught in the midst of battle, which she not so secretly enjoys immensely.

Stephanie’s powers stem from the same basic source as her father’s, the absorption of kinetic or concussive energy. Anything with a physical impact can be absorbed by her and metabolized immediately by her system. This grants her wide-ranging protection against physical attacks, as the cutting force of blades is dulled by the loss of kinetic momentum nanometers from contact, while impact by a bullet cause no more than a minor annoyance. It is possible for her abilities to be overwhelmed, causing unconsciousness, but the amount of force required would be extreme- blows from a being of Hulk-like strength, for example. The specific nature of her powers also gives her near-immunity to heat-based attacks.

Her ability to metabolize kinetic energy also has other implications. For one, she possesses enormous stamina, as she can simply punch a wall or perform a similar feat to gain additional energy. Though her body requires six hours of rest every seventy-two hours to perform basic restorative functions, she does not require any more sleep than this, though she usually chooses to. Her needs for food, water and oxygen, however, are more or less the same as an ordinary person.

Once metabolized, she can use the stored energy in a variety of ways:

Enhanced Physical Abilities- She is capable of enhancing her physical abilities greatly with stored kinetic energy, although she is not capable of anywhere near the same feats of raw strength as her father. Whereas her father is capable of knocking out Colossus with a single blow, she is unable to lift more than a ton. Her speed, dexterity and reaction time are all increased as well, with her reflexes being three to four times greater than that of a gifted human athlete and being capable of running approximately forty miles per hour. Her regenerative rate is significantly higher than that of an ordinary human being with a kinetic energy charge, but is hardly the real-time regenerative ability of someone like Wolverine.

Pyroplasmic Energy Generation- In addition to her enhanced physical abilities, Stephanie has the ability to transform stored concussive energy into pyroplasm, which is both superheated and capable of being shaped into semi-solid forms. It manifests as fiery blue-white energy. A favorite trick of hers is to shape pyroplasmic blasts into spinning saws, which she then projects at enemies. Her pyroplasmic blasts are capable of blasting through stone walls easily and cutting up to six inches of tempered steel. She can also form ‘whips’, ‘blades’ and ‘claws’ with her pyroplasm for close-range combat. Finally, she is capable of using her pyroplasm as a sort of rocket, projected from her hands and feet for a form of rocket transportation. She is currently unable to achieve full flight using pyroplasmic propulsion and instead uses it to propel herself along the ground, or for long-range jumps.

Personality: If Stephanie could be described in one word, it would be “ambitious”. She is a woman with unapologetically vast aspirations who is quite in her element apprenticing in Shaw Industries. She shares many of the same attributes as her father, though her relative inexperience makes her a little more impulsive than Sebastian. She is a perfectionist and drives herself and others extremely hard. Though she typically has too much class to really be called “hyper”, she is extraordinarily energetic and determined when she starts upon something, preferring to see a task through to completion.

Stephanie is confidant almost to the point of arrogance sometimes, though she has a deep-seated respect for her newly-discovered father and a somewhat more grudging regard for his associates.

History: Stephanie was born as the illegitimate child of American industrial magnate Sebastian Shaw and a Spanish woman of aristocratic extraction, Juanita Lorca. Stephanie was born in the Lorca estates in Spain into a life of, on the one hand, considerable privilege, but also in an eccentric and ruthless family who was hell-bent on training her into the perfect young woman. When her mutant powers first manifested, the lessons began becoming more physical and also more sadistic. Her uncle once personally fired a bullet at her to test her invulnerability.

All the time, she was told that she was being steeled for a grand destiny. That destiny found her, however, when her family was attacked and slaughtered by agents of a renegade member of the Hellfire Club, Donald Pierce. He held her for a time in one of his bases in Europe, until he himself was captured and divulged the location of Stephanie to her father, the Black King, who sent his best men in order to free her.

(Character is over 18, as is PB.)
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